Michael Tsang
Founder, The Hong Kong Free Tours
Just two simple stories:
I was born and raised in Hong Kong but I also spent a long time abroad. Once in a while, someone would ask me for any tips before he traveled to Hong Kong, I was never able to give many good suggestions beyond the beaten track. Feeling compel to better represent my identity, I started to visit every tourist spot in Hong Kong whenever I returned to visit my family. Eventually I realize the history of Hong Kong was never written from a local perspective: it was first the British and now the Chinese.
When I lived in Europe, there was a period where I would travel to a different country every weekend, stay at a hostel, and join a local free tour, then end the night with a pub crawl. It was one of my best travel experiences because I got to learn each place from a local perspective and I got to know and party with many like-minded travelers until 6am in the morning!
I am here to tell you my Hong Kong perspective and to setup a community for travelers to have some fun!
About Hong Kong Free Tours:
Who are these guys?
We are a bunch of local Hong Kongers who love to travel and passionate to show visitors everything about Hong Kong.
How come the tours are free?
Our tours have no fixed prices. You are welcome to pay any price you wish, even nothing. We are confident in the quality of our tours and confident that you will be satisfied with your experience to tip your tour guide adequately at the end.
What are the walking tours about?
Our walking tours is about sharing the local perspectives on history, local customs and traditions, eating culture and other not so well known activities/events/festivals in the city.
How will I recognize the guide?
Our guides will wear a T-shirt with "Hong Kong Free Tours" printed on it.
What time do I need to show up for my tour? What if I am late?
We advise everyone to arrive on time. Generally, the guide will wait for about 5 minutes before he starts the tour with about 5 minutes introduction. As a result, the tour should be at the same spot if you are less than 10 minutes late. However, please call or whatsapp +852 9444 8472 if you are late for more than 10 minutes.
How long is the tour?
The duration of each tour varies but the Free Tour starts at Admiralty MTR will last approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.
How far do we need to walk in the Free Tour?
We will walk about 4 kilometers in the Free Tour.
Does Hong Kong Free Tours ever take the day off?
Generally we do not take any day off except Black Rain or Typhoon Signal number 8 (or above). In these weather conditions, it becomes hazardous to walk outside and be exposed to the weather condition.
Do you offer tours in another language?
Currently the tours are offered in English only. Please contact us to arrange a tour in languages other than English.
Are reservations required?
Reservation is not required.
Does the Free Tour includes the entrance fees to the places of interests?
We do not visit any site where they would charge an entrance fee in the Free Tour.
Where can I pick up a leaflet/flyer?
We try our best to promote The Hong Kong Free Tours, a leaflet should be available at the reception of your hotel/hostel. Please let us know if you do not find our leaflet at your hotel/hostel.
Do we end up where we started off in the Free Tour?
No, the Free Tour will start at Admiralty MTR station and we will end up in Central close to the MTR station.
Is there a toilet / refreshment break?
Yes, generally there will be toilet and water break in our tours.
Can I take my children on the walks?
Yes! Everyone is welcome!
Can I bring my pets?
Sure, but please keep in mind that some sites we visit may not welcome pets (i.e. temple).
Can I take a video on the tour?
Yes, you are welcome to make video.
What should I wear / bring for the walking tour?
As there will be some walking and standing in the tour, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothing. Hong Kong is especially hot in late spring and summer, so you may want to bring some water as well.
Is it possible to book a guide for a private walk?
Yes, we can arrange a private walk to fit your preference and interest in the specific places in Hong Kong. Please contact us here.
How much tip should I leave?
The free tours we offer has no fixed prices and based on contribution only. As a result, participants are free to give as much as they feel the tour is worth and is therefore the tour available for anybody interested. You could pay literally nothing and walk away at the end, but most people find the tour informative and engaging so they contribute to keep this project alive for the future. Please note that this is an independent project without the financial support from businesses or government involvement. 100% of our funding comes from your contribution. Again, nothing is compulsory, everything is welcome.
Please note the following:
Participation in the tours promoted by Hong Kong Free Tours is strictly on a voluntary basis. Neither Hong Kong Free Tours, nor the freelance ambassadors will be held responsible in any way for injuries to body and property incurred during the tour. The Hong Kong Free Tours & the ambassadors reserve the right to deny participation in any tour, to any person, for any reason.

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