About The Hong Kong Tour Part 2

Starting Time: Every Thursday 2pm
Meeting Point: Central MTR Exit A (Outside)
Find Us: Find yellow T-shirt/jacket with "The Hong Kong Free Tours"
Duration: 3 hours
Booking: Simply show up with a smile!
Cost: HKD 200 per person - This includes visiting three to four local handcraft shops and speaking to the master of the trade. There will be one souvenir and one food tasting which are the products of the master.

This is NOT a shopping tour, this is a tour to see Hong Kong's culture heritage before the shops had to close down due to no succession plan.
Cancellation: Please note this tour may be canceled if typhoon signal 3 or yellow rain signal is hoisted. If there is cancellation due to weather condition, a notice will be posted in this website at least one hour in advance. Please contact us here if you are not sure.
Tour Description: Scattered among Hong Kong skyscrapers it is possible to find small & independent companies that specialize in traditional trades. These companies are closely linked to Hong Kong's history and are woven into the city's cultural fabric - They are part of what gives Hong Kong's its uniqueness. Many of these businesses have no succession plans and anticipate to close in the near future. As these heritage disappear, Hong Kong edges ever closer to becoming another generic global city. We will visit to 3-4 shops to introduce their cultural heritage, bringing to life the struggle of continuing them in modern day Hong Kong.
Major Sites:
- Man Mo Temple
- Tai Ping Shan Street and its History
- Kwong Wah Printing Company (Letterpress printing shop)
- Temple of Hundreds Surnames (temporarily unavailable until August 2017)
- Mee Wah Qipao (Chinese Long Dress shop)
- Queen's Road West (Paper Offering Street)
- Ko Shing Street (Chinese Medicine & Dried Seafood)
- Tin Bo House (Paper Offering Workshop)
- Ng Wai Kee (Salted Fish shop)
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