Since the inception of The Hong Kong Free Tours in 2016, we have been very out spoken on issues relating to Hong Kong – China Relationship and Housing Crisis in Hong Kong. Our advocacy led us to more connections with academia and NGOs who helped us do our job even better.

Collectively, we hope to shed some insights on the lessons learned in Hong Kong: what to repeat and what not to repeat. And we are blessed with numerous media coverage as well as request for study tours for universities.

If your organization, be it university or not, would like to hear these stories, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Themed Tours

Hong Kong is a Financial Center. Hong Kong is a capitalistic economy within a Communist country. Hong Kong has one of the highest GINI coefficients in the world. Hong Kong is a place where the Wast meets the West. There are many topics that are unique and interesting about Hong Kong. It does not matter what your agenda is, we can organize a themed walking tour (or activities) that fits in your school schedule.

Here are some themes we have done in the past:
– Hong Kong & China Relationship
– Social Inequality and Injustice
– Tour on the History of Hong Kong
– Tour on the Disappearing Handcraft Industries
– Food Tour (Exotic or non-exotic for you)
– Hiking or Biking in Hong Kong

Lecture and Activities

If you have a program or topic in mind, we are also connected with scholars who are more than happy to share their knowledge with students in a lecture settings. Alternatively, we can also arrange a visit to the innovation centers in Hong Kong or an international exchange activities between the income students and local students.

Here are the activities we have done in the past:
– Lecture by scholars
– Company visits
– Visit an innovation center
– Workshop between incoming and local students

Our Clients

Our success depends on the partnership with and trust from our clients. We are honor to have served the following clients in the past:

















Great for Small Group

Customise your experience by choosing your guide, itinerary, and when to start your tour!
Private City Tour
Private Lantau Tour
Private Outdoor Tour
Private Layover Tour


Weekly Scheduled Walk

The most felxible option: Find out the topic & time and we shall see you at the meeting point!
Hong Kong Free Tour – The Uncensored Hong Kong & China Relationship Tour
Kowloon Free Tour – The Dark Side of Hong Kong’s Capitalism
Delicacy Tour – Try the Real Local Food in Town
Dragon’s Back Hiking Tour – The Best Urban Trail in Asia!


Themed Experience for Institutions

Contact us to arrange lecture, company visit, conference or volunteering for your instituion!
Travel for Good
Educational Tour
Meeting and Conference