Hong Kong is part of China but we are also independent to China – We have our own money, passports, immigration channels, legal system, and even an Olympic team. It feels like we are independent from China but in fact, we are part of China.

Things are changing, though. As Hong Kong edges closer to the end of the One Country Two Systems in 2047, some of these characteristics that make Hong Kong so unique are slowly fading away at the same time……

In this tour, we will tell you what we have experienced as a Hong Konger, a version of history that is neither told by the British nor the Chinese. After the tour, please compare our content against the “history” you see in the Hong Kong Museum of History, and decide for yourselves.

Meeting Information

Starting Time: Sunday to Friday 10am, Saturday 10am & 2pm

Meeting Point: Outside Admiralty MTR Station Exit A (next to McDonald’s), image here

Find Us: Find yellow T-shirt/jacket with “The Hong Kong Free Tours”

Ending Time & Point: 12:30pm at St. John Cathedral

Booking: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we will confirm your reservation the night before the tour whether it will be go ahead. Please make sure to check your e-mail on the day of the tour before you go to meet the tour guide. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or WhatApp +852 9444 8472 if you want someone to confirm your reservation manually.

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Fee: This is a pay what you think is worth tour. A similar tour in Hong Kong would cost HKD 350 per person. We recommend tipping HKD 100 per person so this will be win-win for all involved.

Other Information

Cancellation: Please note this tour may be canceled due to following conditions:

Weather: Tour may be canceled if typhoon signal 3 or yellow rain signal is hoisted. Weather cancellation will be announced in the website one hour before the tour start time.
Participants: Tour may be canceled when there are less than five participants joining a tour. Tour cancellation in this case will be announce at the starting time of the tour.

Major Sites:
– Central Government Complex: Extradition Bill Controversy
– Tamar Park: How Hong Kong was given away and why we are descendants of refugees?
– People Liberation Army Building: Sentiment in Hong Kong before the handover of Hong Kong
– City Hall: Hong Kong after Second World War and why the British decided to return Hong Kong?
– HSBC Building: Famous Feng Shui war in Hong Kong
– Bank of China: Rivalry from the East
– Queen’s Road: The Original coastline and land reclamation
– St. John Cathedral: The beginning of Hong Kong

Reference: This tour is offered in association with Network DIPLO, a citizen diplomacy platform which aims at fostering the vision of “Hong Kong in the World”.


Tourists Do Not See This Side of Hong Kong

Hong Kong isn't just glitz and glamour. A new tour wants you to see that there's also poverty, homelessness, and a very tense political climate. They believe it is important to tell tourists about Hong Kong's relationship with China.

Excellent tour with personal family history interwoven with country history

For 2 1/2 hours Armie entertained us with the politics & history of the country, which is very relevant at the moment, along with his family history and its context in the overall history of Hong Kong. I came away with a very good understanding of where and why HK is at present and the challenges it faces.

Interesting and personal history of HK

I really enjoyed this tour, Carmen was a great guide and you could tell she was really passionate about her city which is so cool to see! Her personal experiences and family history were a really nice addition as well, as it made all the political history so much more relatable. Highly recommended :)





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