Climate change, ethnic wars, religious conflicts, energy crisis, wealth disparity… What would you do in respond to these issues in the world? Are you not concerned? Are you waiting for others to take care of the issues? Are you only care about economic well-being and become indifferent to these issues in the world?

Indeed, a few great people in the past did bring about changes in the world. However, it was the common people, “us”, inspired by others to deliver one change at a time. What were the stories of these people who left their economic wellbeing and stepped into an unchartered territory and what we can learn from them?

Let’s go out to help them while getting inspired by their story.

Hong Kong Workcamp

We are connected with different NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization) and Social Enterprises who are making a difference for our home Hong Kong. They once were just like us but decided to step out of their comfort zone and begin the transformation. Come to volunteer with them and get inspired!

Here are the topics covered:
– Farming & Sustainability
– Heritage Preservation
– Poverty & Social Injustice
– Climate Change & Recycling

Workcamp with Locals & Oversea

Our friends at VolTra are as passion as us on international workcamps that connect Hong Kongers to the rest of the world! Please feel free to contact us if you want to do a workcamp together with Hong Kongers at Hong Kong or oversea!

Some countries they have done in the past:
– Taiwan
– Cambodia
– Japan
– Kyrgyzstan





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